How I Got the Shot: Classic Warm Tone Portrait

I was recently invited to photograph Meaghan (a new model with Women360) and was pretty much given free reign to shoot her however I wanted! Such freedom is rewarding, but also can be a challenge. Where do I begin?

There are a million ways beauty can be captured — high key, dramatic, warm, soft, strong, colorful, and on and on! I love all of these styles, but recently I’ve seen a strong trend toward warm tones — nude on nude tones, if you will. This trend can be seen in skincare ads, fashion campaigns, editorials and more, so I decided to continue to explore this myself in a stylized portrait.

I loved the warmth of her skin and how her features were both soft and strong. My goal was to create a studio portrait with a warm color palette, a ‘natural light’ feel, and a presence that exuded strength, timelessness and elegance.


For this shoot I purchased a beautiful sheer dress from Diana Mahrach Couture with delicate gold detail throughout. I selected this dress because it was in the right color palette I required but also had enough intricate detail to create a more ‘expensive’ look to the shot.


Because I knew I wanted very soft, broad and even light (to simulate a more natural light feel), I chose my Westcott Scrim Jim. This 6×6 scrim was then light by a single strobe, 4-6 feet behind the scrim. When this strobe flash hits the diffusion material it spreads out, becomes softer, and gives a beautiful diffused result.

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